Should You do Deep Cleaning in Autumn

Deep cleaning has many benefits for you and your home all year round. In autumn, however, it is essential to make arrangements for deep cleaning. In this article, we will tell you about the different ways this activity will better your health, mood and general quality of life.

Eliminate the risk of bacterial diseases and viruses

One of the most important reasons why you should do deep cleaning in autumn is flu and infectious diseases prevention. The last quarter of the year is usually the time when most people get sick. Many of the cases are related to a bacterial infection of catching a virus. These little bugs can easily find their way in our homes and settle there. Deep cleaning is a good solution to that problem. The nature of the activity involves thorough cleaning of all small bits and pieces in your property, which you wouldn’t clean every week. For example, moving the furniture and cleaning behind, removing limescale from the sink and shower head, sanitising the toilet and kitchen and much more.

Get rid of spiders and other bugs

Early autumn is the mating season for spiders. That’s why you see them almost everywhere, including in your home. They love dark and cluttered spaces because that provides them with a good hiding place. Although most spiders in the UK are harmless, you wouldn’t want them as roommates. One of the best ways to get rid of them is deep cleaning your home. Remove all the clutter and make sure you vacuum behind the furniture. That should take care of the eggs, but if you suck in any adult spider, make sure you release it outside. If you leave it in the vacuum bag, it may crawl out again.

Get in a good mood

Deep cleaning in autumn has many benefits for your mental health too. It is common for many people to feel down after the end of summer. Some go into depression. Research shows that being in an environment with minimal clutter and a lot of open space stimulates mental activity, productivity and the release of endorphins – the hormones of happiness. Compassionate and discreet hoarding cleaners help restore order and functionality to spaces. It’s much more pleasant to come to a home that looks tidy, cosy and clean.

Improve your sleep

Having your home deep cleaned will improve the air quality. Breathing will be easier and that will improve your sleep. Our brain needs oxygen to function well. In order to fall into deep sleep, we need good quality oxygen supply to our brain. That can be achieved after deep cleaning of the bedrooms. The effect will be magnified if you add steam cleaning too.

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Have you arranged deep cleaning for your home already? If not, then now is certainly the time. Make yourself and your family a present who will save you inconvenience and will benefit your health. Private Cleaning Oxfordshire can take care of this for you. Give us a call or send a message today!