Deep Cleaning after COVID-19

If you have had a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your residential or commercial property, the premises will have to be cleaned and disinfected.

Private Cleaning Oxfordshire is certified to work in premises where biohazards are present and to carry out a professional cleaning and disinfecting. We are a team of carefully selected professional cleaners who have undergone extensive training and security checks. As our client you would be happy to know that  all our services are fully insured. The carpet has the most germs and it needs to be cleaned regularly with the help of experts from carpet cleaning riverside.

Our service includes two stages to ensure maximum effectiveness. The first stage is deep cleaning of the whole property. We will clean all the cupboards, inside, outside and top of them; all the surfaces, skirting boards, kickboards; all doors and windows, frames and woodwork, floors, behind and underneath the furniture, pictures, switches and plugs, lighting, blinds, radiators. Carpet cleaning is also included. You can talk to Novasteam Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, if you want to get a professional carpet cleaning done.

The second stage is disinfecting all surfaces with appropriate products or materials.

At the moment there is no product on the market that is officially proven to eliminate the coronavirus, causing the COVID-19 disease. At Private Cleaning Oxfordshire, we use 3 types of chemicals that successfully disinfect and kill germs. These are chlorine based disinfectants, virucidal cleaners and quaternary ammonium compounds. The latter attack the lipid membrane, which covers the coronavirus and kills it. Each product is used on different surfaces after reviewing its compatibility.

On delicate surfaces, fabrics, textile and carpets we use a commercial steamer, reaching up to 140ºC temperature. It is proven that the coronavirus dies at 70ºC, so this method would successfully disinfect contaminated surfaces. You could also see at J & D Oriental Rug Co. website on how to clean and maintain a carpet as good as new.

We are constantly following the industry and scientific updates, as well as the official government recommendations for safe work under the COVID-19 outbreak conditions.

Your safety and wellbeing is a priority for us. We believe in providing exceptional value and we want to respond to each client’s individual needs and requirements. That’s why we supply personalised quotes to each potential customer once we have spoken with them.