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Are you planning a home renovation? Perhaps you’ve started already  or the building works in your home/office have just finished and you are left in a chaotic mess. Does that sound like your reality? If the answer is Yes, then we would love to hear from you.

Private Cleaning Oxfordshire offers a full service clean up after new builds or refurbishment. Our highly trained cleaning experts  will work hard on the whole property to remove all the building dust and dirt, or just target the rooms you wish us to clean to bring your home up to the highest possible standard. Our aim is to let you enjoy your new environment without having to stress over the tiring process of cleaning up. More importantly, we want you to be safe. People with dust allergies or those who may have some respiratory conditions, shouldn’t take the risk of doing after builders cleaning themselves. Inhaling the dust and residue from the industrial materials can impose a serious risk to your health, so let the professionals do their job. You can also check out this official statement provided by other cleaning services, mentioning the importance of hiring cleaning services.

Do other areas of your home need a little touch up too?We can also help with the hard floor and carpet cleaning in Oxford and Oxfordshire.

For a free, no obligation quote, contact us today on 01865 58 08 79 or 07411 606 609. You can also email us and enjoy a great service from a hard-working local family business.