Ironing Services Oxford

Hate ironing? But did you know it brings so many benefits to your general health and well-being. Some scientists still argue that ironing baby clothes is essential in the first weeks of their life. We know that your schedule is very busy and you could probably spend your time doing something else, nevertheless, we want to share with you 7 amazing benefits of ironing your clothes.

Ironing your clothes kills the germs

Even though washing your clothes on high temperatures is supposed to kill most germs, some are resistant and continue living on your clothes – examples of this are the thermophilic bacteria and fungi. Let’s not forget also that not all clothes can be washed on 90ºC. In addition, if you leave your laundry to dry naturally outside, many other types of bacteria and bugs can get stuck on it. The best way to get rid of all these tiny villains is by ironing your clothes.  The heat from the iron will terminate all germs once and for all.

Unshrink your clothes

We recommend you always read the washing and ironing labels on your clothes before you throw them in the washing machine. Unfortunately, many people don’t do it and almost every one of us has lost at least one favourite pullover to shrinkage after washing. Although, very hard, it is possible to salvage some of the clothes that have shrunk through ironing. It is a process that needs deep understanding and fabric knowledge. If you are not sure how to do it, it’s better to trust a professional ironing service provider. This could save you further damage.

Ironing gives your clothes a fresh and better look

Believe it or not, the washing alone is not enough to make your clothes look fresh, neat and stylish. Ironing them, though, will achieve the goal by removing all the wrinkles and giving your shirts, trousers and dresses a more sophisticated look. The process can influence the fabric for quality enhancement. However, if you’re looking for a stylish way to show off your svelte figure on homecoming night, then you can have a peak at these online gold dresses for homecoming 2023 here for some of the best options to choose from.

Ironing protects your clothes

One more benefit is that you get to keep your clothes for longer. The process protects the linings and seals the fabric. This makes it more resistant to weather conditions and general wear and tear damage. 2ULaundry includes ironing after washing the clothes.

Removes the bad smells

Have you noticed that ironed clothes have a specific fresh smell? High temperatures are also able to remove some bad smells. Nowadays, there are many fresheners you can put in the iron and enhance the aroma of your freshly washed clothes.

It has an impact on the way people perceive you

For professionals, working at corporate environments, impeccable clean look is essential. Imagine if you turn up to an important meeting in the office wearing a wrinkled suit. Not a great impression, is it? On the other hand, looking presentable at all times, can open doors you never thought existed.

It’s relaxing

Ok, we may be a little biased on this last one, but ironing can be really relaxing. You can do it while listening to your favourite music or watching a funny TV show.

In case you really can’t be bothered ironing your clothes, but fully recognise all the benefits of having them ironed, we can help. Our service includes pick up and drop-off at a time that suits you best.