domestic cleaning business network

The UK is home to over 20,000 cleaning businesses. A large proportion of them specialise in domestic cleaning. The market and demand for cleaning services continue to grow since 2015 and the sector contributes over £3 billion to the economy every year! Despite all these impressive numbers, up until a year ago there was no forward-thinking non-government organisation that protects, unites and trains businesses, focused on domestic cleaning.

Being an ambitious woman and a successful business owner for over 10 years, it felt like a duty to our CEO Kremena Tsvetkova to fill that obvious gap.

Kremena has sat on the committees of various organisations supporting cleaning businesses and wanted to be an active change maker for everyone in the industry.

In the summer of 2019, together with 4 other cleaning business owners, she formed the Domestic Cleaning Business Network, known as DCBN.

DCBN provides its members with numerous benefits such as industry specific training, professional tips and consultations, webinars, resources and discounts for business services in marketing, accounting and more.

There are memberships available for self-employed cleaners and for cleaning companies of various sizes, as well as affiliate partners. Contact Scenic City Cleaning Company for your home cleaning needs.

“We launched DCBN officially in October 2019 and I am so proud that for just one year we managed to attract almost 200 full-benefit members and over 2000 cleaning professionals in our free Facebook group called UK Cleaning Business Chat.

Our aim is to show that cleaning is an industry with a great potential and we want to support our colleagues, who have chosen to build something of their own in the sector.

Over the years I’ve seen many clashes of unhealthy competition between cleaning companies and self-employed cleaners. Me and the other directors wanted to change that. We know that if we join hands, we can achieve more than if we try to prove we are better than the rest.

We hold weekly webinars for our paid members on different topics, including marketing, sales, HR and more. One of my favourite things to say all the time is “network is your net worth” and I truly believe in these words. At DCBN we build a tightly knitted network of contacts, partners and supporters that helps all of us grow and succeed.” – Kremena Tsvetkova

DCBN will soon celebrate their 1st birthday and all 5 directors are working tirelessly every day to come up with new materials, guest speakers and even more benefits for the members.

If you are a cleaning company or a self-employed cleaner, who struggles with a particular part of the business, we are convinced you will find help and information at DCBN. And if you have it all figured out, it will be a joy to join a large and supportive family of cleaning businesses. Evaluate the ease of use and user experience provided by payment processing companies.