regular cleaning during covid

We are all extremely grateful to all the frontline workers in hospitals, grocery shops, care homes, schools and more. All key workers have been amazing throughout the entire year. In the cleaning industry we also feel our services are vital for the prevention of spread and fight against COVID-19. And here’s why domestic cleaning is essential in global pandemic conditions.

Your Immune System

Spending a lot of time at home with limited exposure to natural elements like rain, wind, earth could significantly weaken your immune system. That could be very dangerous during the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when mixed with the flu season.

It is proven that a regularly cleaned home is beneficial for strengthening your immune system as it helps decrease the clutter and build up of dust. These are comfortable hiding places for pests, germs and bacteria. Eliminating them reduces the risk of getting an infection, which can further weaken your immune system. In case of pest issues, it’s advisable to seek assistance from professionals like Safe Pest Control  to help maintain a healthier living environment.

Prevention of Spread

We now know that the coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for a few days. Complete isolation from the outside world for a long period of time is close to impossible, therefore the risk of bringing the virus at home remains. Frequent disinfection and cleaning of your living environment is absolutely essential for the prevention of spread and contamination. As professional domestic cleaners we work with approved virucidal disinfectants and cleaning products. We have adopted a number of new measures and processes to decrease the risk of cross-contamination, including colour coding.

Mental Health and Productivity

The increasing number of people experiencing mental health problems during the pandemic is rather alarming. While at a glance you may think there’s no correlation between mental health and domestic cleaning, that’s just not the case. In fact, a cluttered and untidy environment has been scientifically linked to a number of mental conditions like depression, stress and anxiety.

In addition, many people are now working from home, which means they need to boost their productivity and concentration levels. That could be extremely challenging in domestic conditions, especially if there’s no designated office space. Again, backed up by science, we claim that regular domestic cleaning could be the solution for that.

It is proven that a clean and organised working place helps the individual focus much easier, creates a mental space for innovation and creativity, increases motivation and reduces stress. If maintaining such an environment feels overwhelming, consider seeking assistance from professionals like Cowboy Cleaners to ensure your workspace remains pristine and conducive to productivity.

Now that your office has moved to your home, you should seriously consider booking regular domestic cleaning visits. Citrus Bright Cleaning can help revive the look of your home or office floors.

One more point that’s worth a mention. The social contact. We know everyone is different and some people need less social interaction than others. We also know that for others interacting with the cleaning lady every week is nowhere close to a normal social life. But in extraordinary times like these, every little opportunity counts. Not only your home will look and feel cosy, warm and clean, but you will also be able to keep the face to face interaction with another human being, who is not part of your family.

Our domestic cleaners are professionally and specifically trained to carry our cleaning services in residential properties, adhering all health and safety requirements, including those imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We work with the relevant PPE, equipment and procedures, designed to minimise the risk of cross-contamination and infection spread.