Commercial Cleaning is Crucial in Times of a Pandemic

There is hardly any business that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic during the past 2 years. In one way or another. And while at the beginning cleaning businesses were not recognised as essential, now it looks like the continuous operations and even survival of so many organisations and industries truly depend on commercial cleaning.

Deep Cleaning before Reopening

Since the end of July 2021, almost all businesses were able to renew their operation and welcome staff and customers. However, prior to reopening, every employer had to make sure their office or commercial setting is deep cleaned and disinfected. Despite the fact those premises were unoccupied for a long period of time, dirt, bacteria and dust kept on accumulating every single day. Therefore, commercial cleaning services were required in all sorts of business properties throughout the summer.

Providing Safe and Healthy Working Conditions

One-off cleaning is just not going to cut it in times of a pandemic. But even if we weren’t in the midst of a global health crisis, all offices and other commercial settings would still need regular professional cleaning. This is to ensure that everyone who works in those places does so in safe and healthy conditions. An employee dispute may arise when the workplace is so dirty and unsanitary that it leads to sickness among the employees. When this happens, employees may seek the assistance of employment lawyers like the best ones from HKM to address the dispute. With COVID in the picture, daily cleans and sanitisation are essential. Commercial cleaners now, especially the Best Office Cleaners Edmonton, have top notch equipment and materials that complete the job effectively and efficiently, causing minimal disruption to the working process.

Post-COVID Decontamination and Disinfection

The UK still records over 30,000 daily new COVID-infections. Many of these people have gone back to work in the office and when their test comes positive, they need to inform their employer. Every business owner then has the obligation to take the necessary measurements to protect the health and safety of the rest of the staff and customers. Generally, this could only be done in two ways.

One way would be to close down the office or setting for 10 days. As you can imagine this isn’t business productive at all and carries huge losses. The other option would be to book a post-COVID decontamination and disinfection service. This is now offered by most reputable commercial cleaning companies across the country. Before you book, though, make sure the cleaners have gone through appropriate training and have the relevant certificates.

The process of decontamination includes deep cleaning and disinfection with special virucidal cleaning products and equipment. It is 100% effective in removing any coronavirus particles from surfaces and it makes a lot more financial sense for the business than closing down for over a week.

What Types of Settings Need Commercial Cleaning

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Cafes and Restaurants
  • Event venues
  • Bars and Clubs
  • Show rooms
  • Shopping centres
  • Food factories
  • Schools & nurseries
  • Children centres
  • Beauty parlours, hairdressing salons, massage studios
  • Leisure & sports facilities
  • Medical practices, dental & aesthetics clinics

The list goes on. It turns out that during the pandemic, commercial cleaning services are crucial for the economy, allowing business continuation for all industries and sectors.