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How often do you think about cleaning your windows? Perhaps, not too often. But as professionals, we won’t be doing our due diligence if we don’t remind you, September and October could be the best time to tick external window cleaning off your to do list (read here about pressure cleaning services). Why now? Keep reading.

Autumn is a great time to get your windows cleaned

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they decide to get the job done themselves is cleaning the windows on a sunny day and also doing the car window tinting in Louisville ky without any help. What’s the harm in that, you would say. That’s a perfect time to do some chores, no?


Sunshine is great for your mood and perhaps energy levels, but not so good for freshly cleaning windows. The sun rays striking directly on the glass will leave streaks and in the end all that work will be in vain.

And that’s exactly why early autumn is the best time for window cleaning. The rain is still not a daily occurrence, it’s not too cold, but the sky is cloudy most of the days.

Now, if you are booking a professional external window cleaning service (which you should), you won’t need to think that much about the weather. Expert window cleaners use special equipment and products to allow them quality operation in almost any meteorological conditions. This may also be the right time to check your windows if it needs a replacement. If you consider to replace your windows, I suggest you to look for these tools that will help you achieve a perfect sealant finish for your windows.

External window cleaning for domestic properties

Why should you bother cleaning your windows externally at home? Afterall, it rains almost all the time, right?

No, that’s not even a remotely good excuse to ignore external window cleaning for your residential property. You can learn more about it, on this website.

Reason number one why you should do it, or book a professional service, is to maximise the sunlight coming through your window, especially during winter months. That in turn, will help you save some extra quid on your energy bill. Cleaning the windows only from the inside is not enough. There will be a layer of dirt, dust and limescale formed on the external side. With spiders entering their mating period, cobwebs and leaves stuck in them will also be commonly found on the outside of your windows.

Reason number two to motivate you to get professional window cleaners in is that the service will increase the value of your property. If you check this post, he has a good point about the property valuations. In recent reports by the real estate industry, leading agents suggest that houses with clean and well maintained exterior sell on much higher prices and faster than same-size properties which look unkept on the outside.

External window cleaning for commercial properties

The appearance of your commercial space is always important. Nice exterior with clean and clear windows always attracts and invites more customers in. In the case of corporate offices, cleanliness is part of the brand image. Dirty, dusty windows will always make people think that the business or businesses who reside in the property are struggling. To enhance the overall appeal of your space, try Maverick Windows for a free quote, and let them transform your commercial space into an inviting and successful environment.

External window cleaning for commercial properties is an essential service that needs to be carried out regularly. The frequency is somehow dependent on location as well. Offices or settings that are satiated on busy roads or in high traffic areas will need their windows cleaned more often. Others, located in more calm and secluded places, should still book a professional service at least 2-4 times a year.