Caution cleaning in progress signs on the floor

Commercial cleaning isn’t quite like other types of cleaning services. As evident from its name, it is specifically designed for commercial properties. These can be restaurants and bars, school, nurseries, dental and medical surgeries or simply offices. The cleaners who work in the commercial sector also have different skillset and experience. When you are hiring a commercial cleaning company you need to consider several different aspects, ask questions and go with the most suitable option for your business. Here is what you need to know.

1. The type of business the cleaning company normally services

It is important to discuss with the cleaning company the type of commercial property you want to hire them for. It’s always a good idea to hire a provider who is experienced in cleaning similar or exactly the same type of setting. After all, restaurants have very different cleaning needs from schools and GP practices. Also, you can ask them if they have worked with any of your competitors and contact them directly to ask for references.

2. A local commercial cleaning company is better than the best one outside of your area

Consider carefully the location of your commercial cleaning company. Hiring a local provider is always better, even if you can find someone with impeccable reputation much further away from you. Don’t forget that travelling long distance often causes delays and unfortunately, even cancellations. Whether you receive a discount in such situations or not, you don’t want to embarrass your business in front of customers because of dirty premises.

3. The legal requirements and if they are followed

Before you sign a contract with any commercial cleaning company you need to check if they are compliant with the legal requirements for the industry. That means, they need to be fully insured and pay at least the minimum wage to their employees. Also, for your peace of mind, it is better to hire a provider who uses fully-trained and DBS checked staff.

4. The price and payment schedule

Most commercial cleaning contracts are signed for a minimum of 6 months, the most common duration being 1 year. The payments for the service are also usually requested one month in advance. Think about whether the cost is sustainable for your business and if you may end up delaying payments, which will have a negative effect on your name. Make sure you check all these details with the company you’ve selected before you put your signature on the paper.

5. The best time for the cleaners to come in

Plan about the cleaning schedule. When will be the best time for the cleaners to come and do their job without disturbing your employees. Most commercial cleaning companies offer very flexible services where appointments can be fit early in the morning or late in the evening. Check if their availability suits your needs.

6. The cleaning products that will be used on the site

Environmental sustainability is a duty for all of us. While commercial cleaning companies have to ensure they work with cleaning products that are safe for the environment, you as an employer must take care of your staff’s safety. Ask the provider what types of products they use and make a mention of all allergies your employees have. The use of strong chemicals can be particularly dangerous for people with severe respiratory conditions or chlorine allergies. In the case of schools and nurseries, eco-friendly cleaning products are always the best option because children often come in contact with the floor and other surfaces that may have been cleaned recently.

We hope that this article has helped you make an informed decision before you opt in for a commercial cleaning service. If you are still in the quest for a reliable company that can provide such service at an outstanding quality, we would love to tell you more about our offers. Don’t be shy to wave at us.