Protecting Your Home Against Coronavirus

In the midst of everything that’s happening in the country and globally we thought it is really important to remind you to protect not only your body, but also your home against the Coronavirus.

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has changed our lives completely. We are now required to minimise social contact and self-isolate.

It looks like here in Britain, we might have to spend the whole of spring at home. This is exactly why maintaining a clean home is absolutely vital during a global pandemic.

Bacteria Infestation and Virus Spread

You may be taking extra care with your personal hygiene, but if your home is not regularly cleaned, you might still be putting yourself and your family at risk.

The Coronavirus is particularly dangerous if combined with other underlying health issues or a weakened immune system. Bacteria are really easy to spread at home if we don’t sanitise often enough. Even a mild bacterial infection can cause a significant hit to your immune system. And if you get infected with the Coronavirus at the same time, the consequences could be tragic.

The virus causing COVID-19 can live up to 12 hours on hard surfaces. Which means if you sneeze in the kitchen and you are a vector of the virus another person who lives in the same property can be infected immediately. We have no concrete scientific evidence how different people respond and cope with the disease. We know that some have very mild symptoms and others end up in ICU.

Elimination of Mould and Fresh Air Circulation

If you are going to be confined in a closed environment for a long time, you need to ensure the quality of air is really good. Regular cleaning would prevent the growth of mould and fungi, which thrive in damp places and significantly reduce the air quality. That is particularly dangerous for people with respiratory conditions, such as asthma, COPD, chronic bronchitis and more. That same group of people is also extremely vulnerable if infected with the Coronavirus. First Defense Insulation pros can help ensure proper insulation, creating a safe and comfortable indoor environment.

All our cleaners make sure that client’s properties are always well ventilated during a clean, not only to eliminate the harmful effects of some cleaning chemicals, but also to allow fresh air circulation. It is crucial to open your windows for at least 30 minutes a day.

Why Professional Cleaning Personnel Should Actually be Listed as Key Workers

In a home where there has been a confirmed case of Coronavirus a deep clean is required to prevent the spread of the disease. The same applies to any commercial property, visited by an infected individual.

Cleaning services are also essential for healthcare workers who spend days and nights protecting and fighting for our lives. Despite all efforts and care taken to protect themselves and their families, there is still a chance they could bring the virus home. These real life heros don’t have the time to clean their house because the number of patients in the hospitals is rising. Yet, they need a clean home just as much as anyone else.

Private Cleaning Oxfordshire has offered free clean slots for some key workers in the Oxfordshire area and we are campaigning for more of our colleagues to do the same.

You Can Trust Your Cleaner

All staff members of Private Cleaning Oxfordshire have undergone special biohazard training covering the guidelines and requirements for carrying out a cleaning service during the COVID-19 outbreak.

As a company we have spent hours researching global best practices and liaising with the Government and NHS to ensure we our cleaners can provide the most effective service at no expense to their safety or the safety of our clients. We have also extended this guidance to many of our colleagues and fellow members of DCBN (Domestic Cleaning Business Network). Here are some of the precautions and routine requirements we follow at every property we visit during the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • All cleaners wear protective gear – PPE apron, protective glasses, disposable gloves, face mask
  • All protective gear is used in one property only and replaced before entering another client’s property. The used protective wear is stored securely in a plastic rubbish bag, which should be disposed of separately from the general household waste. You can hire skip bins on the Sunshine Coast if you need more for proper waste disposal.
  • Ideally, the client and their family should be isolated in one room while the cleaner is working and they should avoid close contact (less than 2m).
  • The areas are always disinfected after the clean with appropriate and recommended antibacterial products like Dettol and Vericidal.
  • No cloths or mop heads are repeatedly used in different clients’ properties on the same day
  • Our cleaners are equipped with body fluid clean up packs, which they use in the event of blood and body fluid spillage.
  • Dirty laundry that has been used by an ill individual are washed separately. We strongly recommend ironing all clothes as well to minimise the risk of the virus surviving or spreading.

As a professional cleaning company we have taken every necessary measure to ensure your safety as our client and protect our cleaners at work. We would love to continue providing our high value services to you during these hard times and beyond. All we ask is to trust us and let us take care of your home, and therefore your health.