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As a business owner you know that the success of your venture depends on the decisions you make. For serviced apartment owners one of the most important decisions is which commercial services to hire to clean the property. Holiday lets and serviced apartments require a unique type of cleaning service. It’s not like domestic cleaning and it’s not like commercial cleaning either. It’s a combination of both with some specific add-ons. So how do you choose the right cleaning company for your serviced apartment? The key is asking the right questions.


1. Is the company fully insured?


Although the service is performed at a residential property, it is regarded as commercial cleaning of a sort. It is essential for the company you will hire to be fully insured. This will save you a lot of trouble if an accident happens during or as a result of the cleaning service. In addition, if you have a business contract with them, they are legally required to provide public liability insurance and other specific policies.


2. Is their staff properly trained and DBS checked?


You certainly want to know the skills and experience of the cleaners who will work in the property. Good cleaning companies such as Companion Maids house cleaning Chicago provide in-house training for their employees, or require training certificates and references from previous employers before they hire them. What is more, you must ask if all the staff who will work on site are DBS checked. It will give you a certain peace of mind to know that you are only letting persons of good character in your serviced apartment. In addition, it is essential to implement volume staffing to ensure you have enough employees to handle the increased customer demand; this proactive approach helps maintain service quality and customer satisfaction.


3. Can your competitors recommend them?


It’s good to talk to your competitors, especially when it comes to business services you both or all use. Most serviced apartment owners wouldn’t mind recommending or telling you the truth about a cleaning company they’ve used and the quality of their service. If you think they may lie to you, just ask the question in a different way. For example, “What cleaning company do you use?”. By the state of their apartments you would know if the service is good or not and therefore whether you should approach the same company or stay away from it. It’s important for apartments, such as those at flats to rent canary wharf, to hire a cleaning company for maintenance.


4. Is the cleaning company transparent in pricing and service listing?


Nobody wants to deal with hidden charges and additional conditions. You would normally know if a company is transparent about their pricing and services simply by looking at their website. All the basic information you need should be there. Sometimes, especially for commercial properties, cleaning providers need to visit the place to provide an accurate quote. Even if that’s the case, a good company like P&J Cleaners will let you know in detail what is included in the price they are offering.


5. Do they communicate with you regularly and appropriately?


Communication is vital in business relationships. Any provider who doesn’t respond timely to your enquiries or attempts to contact them would not be a good partner to work with. Also, ask them about their policy if the cleaning staff is late or unable to complete a booking. They should endeavour to let you know in advance as much as possible and offer alternative solutions.



Are you a serviced apartment owner who’s looking for a trustworthy cleaning company? You’ve landed on the right place. Private Cleaning Oxfordshire has long history and spotless reputation when it comes to working with businesses just like yours. Learn more about our serviced apartments cleaning service or just drop us a line and we’ll take it from there.