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The government is now allowing people to travel across the country and stay overnight in hotels or serviced accommodation for business and for recreational purposes. This is great news for British tourism and the hospitality industry. One of the main priorities for each holiday let owner is to ensure their property is clean, disinfected and COVID-secure. So, exceptional housekeeping services are crucial.

How to Choose the Right Housekeeping Provider

Housekeeping of holiday lets and serviced apartments is a highly demanding job. You will need professional cleaners with a lot of experience in this specific type of cleaning. Flexibility is also essential. Check-in and check-out times may vary and occasionally, the cleaners will have to complete the job at very early or very late hours and as quickly as possible.

For the same reason, it is best if you choose a cleaning provider who is local or in close proximity to your short let property. Minimal travel time is always a plus.

Essential Points to Address

In the current health and social environment, it is paramount for the housekeepers to be appropriately trained and equipped. Knowledge in prevention of cross-contamination and infection control is a must. When choosing a cleaning company to carry our housekeeping services for your holiday lets, ask to see any recent training certificates.

Make sure you understand what is included in the service. Some housekeeping packages are more extensive than others. You should also check if the company can supply toiletries and other essentials. In some cases even breakfast would be included. Many cleaning companies who offer housekeeping services for short lets can also handle laundry and ironing of the bedding and towels. The Happy Housekeeper does house cleaning service Roanoke.

Guests in the accommodation would like to enjoy their privacy and relax as much as possible. Discuss with your housekeeping provider when would be the best time to carry out the service when required during the guests’ stay. Most cleaners and housekeepers are very discreet and professional in the way they carry themselves. But for your peace of mind, it’s always worth it asking for reviews from previous or other clients.


Private Cleaning Oxfordshire has been offering housekeeping services locally for many years. We have the privilege to work with some of the most amazing short let properties attracting hundreds of tourists per year. We are very happy to see this wonderful industry coming back on its feet and we are looking forward to continuing to support our clients through our services.

Summer 2020 will be all about loving everything British. It is a perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy the picturesque and peaceful countryside or visit notable historic spots. While you do that, support small businesses by staying in holiday lets or serviced apartments, kept in perfect condition by family-run companies like ours.