Steam Cleaning Oxford

Steam Cleaning is not only effective in the dirtiest areas around but can clean the most resistant stains in hard to reach areas and difficult materials.

Steam under pressure has 180 degrees and therefore cleans without the use of toxic chemicals or detergents, it simply uses water – chemical-free cleaning is the way ahead! This is extremely effective as it sanitizes, deep cleans and deodorises all in one simple and easy operation. Our steam cleaning expert can eliminate germs, odours, bugs, dust mites, mould and fungi.

The high pressure steam will not only sanitize many surfaces, but can also degrease them – the steam melts the adhesive qualities in the dirt, grease and oils!

This could be used in:



*Tiled walls and Grouting

*Bathroom and Restroom Areas

*Furniture and Upholstery

* Hard floors- Stone, Tiles, Wooden and Laminate flooring

*Even windows

By using a professional and powerful steam generator we can deliver to you that “extra deep clean” feeling in your home or commercial property.

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